On average, Americans spend about 90 percent of their days indoors. EPA studies indicate that human exposure to air pollutants indoors can be 2-5 times, and occasionally up to 100 times, higher than outdoor levels.

Poor quality indoor air can produce health effects rangin g from headaches and dry eyes to nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. We all want to work in an office environment that is comfortable, clean and safe. An important part of ensuring good indoor air quality in Federal facil ities is choosing cleaning products that have a reduced impact on human health and the environment .

Today, more than ever, Federal facility managers are working with the acquisition community to develop contracts that encourage the use of cleaning agents with a reduced impact on the environment.

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a statement clarifying that any regulated antimicrobial product (any EPA registered product) is forbidden by federal law to use the Green Seal label or any such similar labeling or endorsements, even if it meets the certification requirements .

Green Seal is an independent, non-profit organization based in the United States that strives to achieve a healthier and cleaner environment by identifying and promoting environmentally responsible products and services.